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Individual Membership

The IES is comprised of over 8,000 individual members all across the globe. Member of the IES are consultants, researchers, designers, educators, manufacturers and consumers who are involved in lighting by profession. An individual may elect to be an Associate grade or Member grade member of the Society at the time of enrollment. Member grade is considered the more technical IES membership designation. Please check the qualifications for each grade and determine how you should be classified.


Associate Grade

(Dues $170 US Annually – $160 Outside US, Canada and Mexico)*

  • Shall be interested in the mission of the Society
  • Shall be at least eighteen (18) years of age

NOTE: Associate members are entitled to all current privileges and benefits of membership. Associate members shall NOT serve on the IES Board of Directors, as a District Chair or as Chairperson of an IES national committee. Associates may use the acronym Associate, IES after their name.

* IES Sections operate in the US, Canada and Mexico. $10 from member dues are rebated to the Section to assist in programs and operations.

If you are joining IES as Associate Member, you may request a transfer to Member grade at a later time. At the time of a transfer request, you will need to provide IES with up-to-date information. Examples include, but are not limited to, years and duties of professional experience, completion of formal education, completion of accredited lighting courses or seminars, or the LC designation (administered by NCQLP.)


Member Grade

(Dues $170 US – $160 Outside US, Canada and Mexico)*

  • Shall be a graduate from an accredited four (4) year program with a degree in the art or science of illumination or related engineering fields
  • In addition, the applicant should be actively engaged for at least five (5) years (with LC, four years) in a professional capacity in a field related to illumination


  • Shall have made some valuable contribution to the art or science of illuminating engineering or to its literature


  • Shall be actively engaged for at least ten (10) years (with LC, eight years) in the practice or teaching of illumination or directly related fields

NOTE: Member grade members shall be eligible to serve on the IES Board of Directors, as a District Chair or as Chairperson of an IES national committee.
Members may use the acronym: Member, IES or MIES after their name.

* IES Sections operate in the US, Canada and Mexico. $10 from member dues are rebated to the Section to assist in programs and operations.


Associate or Member Grade Options

Individual Subscriber (Associate or Member)

$550 US – Enrollment year. $350 US – Renewal Year
IES offers individual members the chance to receive the Lighting Library as part of individual membership. All Individual Subscribing Members are entitled to the same benefits and privileges as a Member or Associate Member. Additionally, Subscribing membership includes a complimentary copy of the IES Lighting Library (over 50 publications) which includes the Lighting Handbook at the time of enrollment. Upon renewal of this membership, the individual will continue to receive, at no cost, IES publications as long as the membership is active in this category.

Individual Sponsor (Associate or Member)

Dues $250 US Annually
IES offers individual members, in addition to all member benefits, the opportunity to support through additional dues, specific projects approved by the Board of Directors. A $50 IES publication credit is included.

Student Membership

(Dues $20 US Annually)

Shall be registered full-time in a college or university for study toward a degree in engineering, science, fine arts, architecture, interior design or other related fields, or enrolled full-time in an accredited two year technical school whose curriculum is related to illumination.

Student members need to supply IES with proof of full time student status.
NOTE: Students shall be entitled to all current privileges and benefits. Student members may not vote or hold elective office, except in a Student Chapter.

Sustaining Membership

Dues range from $700 – $15,000 annually
The organization or individual must have an interest in the purpose of the Illuminating Engineering Society and a desire to support this effort. If you or your company is interested in Sustaining Membership, please contact the IES office, (212-248-5000, x117, 125 or 101) for details.
As a Sustaining Member of the IES, you provide the additional support that enables the Society to carry out its mission. The IES works closely with the Sustaining Membership who makes important contributions to technical, educational, and research activities. In addition to the benefits of individual membership, sustaining membership provides:

  • Complimentary copies of the IES Lighting Library (valued at over $2100)
  • Tax deductible contributions supporting activities crucial to the advancement of the industry
  • IES Sustaining Membership certificate
  • Use of the IES Sustaining Membership Logo
  • Complimentary Individual Membership (based o amount ouf dues paid)
  • Professional development opportunities for employees
  • Recognition at Society and industry events
  • Recognition in each issue of LD+A (Silver level and above), highlighted listing in LD+A’s Lighting Equipment and Accessories Directory issue as well as listing in the IES annual report
  • Opportunity for sponsorship at the IES Annual Conference

IES Sustaining Membership Categories and Benefits Schedule

Membership Benefits for All Members

  • Discounts on all IES publications
  • Discount on IES conferences, meetings and seminars
  • Networking through IES section activities
  • Subscription to LD+A and LEUKOS
  • And many more!